An Experience With The Indian Police

It is not something that we fantasize in our daily lives or that we work towards having an encounter with police. However, recently we were forced into a situation to deal with police and I must say that the experience was extremely positive and fruitful. This blog is to salute the hard word that the police do in-spite of one of the most difficult jobs that they have got in the country.

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The Dream Trip – USA Cross Country Road Trip

Everyone knows United States of America as either 'Land of Freedom' or 'Land of Opportunities'. In addition to these two, we look at it as 'The Land of Absolute Natural Beauty and diversity'. During our 12 year stay in the silicon valley, we had seen many parts of the country but we always had this dream to drive across the country – from west coast to east coast. We were very fortunate to fulfill that dream this year.

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Watching IPL at the stadium this season? Read on

DLF IPL season 5 is creating new records in viewership, ad rates, use of technology, stupendous logistics, and selling IPL goods to name a few. It is very difficult to stay away from this religion if you are in India. In trying to go with the flow, I booked myself for the match between Chennai Super Kings and Pune Warriors India on April 14th 2012. I only had heard & read about horror stories of the traffic and everyone suggested to go three hours before the match started which I did. Here are few things I wish I had known beforehand.

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How complicated is your ONLINE life?

For those of you who started working in the industry 15+ years ago - have you ever wondered how simple life was back then and how convenient yet complicated it has become over these years? I am only talking about aspects of dealing with technological advances and how everything we do is ONLINE these days :)

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