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How complicated is your ONLINE life?

For those of you who started working in the industry 15+ years ago - have you ever wondered how simple life was back then and how convenient yet complicated it has become over these years? I am only talking about aspects of dealing with technological advances and how everything we do is ONLINE these days :)

Because of my sabbatical, I have had the opportunity to think back about how is my online life scattered and have been thinking about how to better organize it. Still clueless what am I talking about?
If you have been working professional for year in the industry and have lived in other countries, here is how your life is likely to be scattered / organized:
- At least 5-6 bank accounts
- 401K accounts
- 2-3 investment accounts
- Various fixed deposits, details and maturity dates
- Life insurance policies
- Social security numbers
- Home loan accounts
- PF / PPF accounts
- Vehicle details / registrations
- Utilities like gas connection, electricity, broadband etc.
- Passport details, expiry, renewals, visa expiration etc.
- PAN card details
- Driving licenses (may be for multiple countries)
- Social media accounts like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.
- Real estate investments and their papers
- Lockers in the bank and their details
- Credit cards and debit cards, numbers, emergency contact details
- Car insurance policy and their details
- Seriel numbers for keu equipments like camera, camcorder, blackberry, dishwasher, washing machine etc.
- Airline frequent flier numbers
Now, most of the things that I have mentioned above are accessed online these days. Every one of them have different way to login including user ids and obviously, they have their own rules about what kind of password you can keep. Also, for security reasons - you do want to keep your password different for every one of them.
I have been struggling to get all of these under control but no luck so far. If I don't login to some of my accounts for 30 days, I tend to forget user ids, password and even answer to security question :). 15 years ago - I didn't have to remember so many logins, passwords and life would be so simple :). 
Is your life under control? Do you worry about these aspects at all? I welcome any and all ideas that you may have / may have used to get your online life under control.

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